@glassgob's Commissions

Current Status: opening soon! hopefully!!
Contact Me: [email protected] or through social media/discord dms


  • Paypal preferred, prices differ for Kofi

  • Complexity may increase price

  • Complex backgrounds will increase price

  • Characters without visual ref: +$20

[square canvas, just head + shoulders]
Monochrome: $35
Color: $45

[vertical canvas, one or two hands usually included]
Monochrome: $50
Color: $65

Waist-UpMonochrome: $50
Color: $80

FullbodyMonochrome: $70
Color: $100

Character DesignsColor Fullbody: $120+
Ref Sheets: DM for inquiry

Terms of Service

I can draw: anthro furries, portraits, gore, body horror, ocs, fanart, dnd characters, nonsexual nudity, full illustrationsI won't draw: explicit nsfw, p\dophilia, inc\st, racist imagery, antisemitic imagery, morally wrong stuffI am unfamiliar with complicated mechs and feral designs, but I am willing to try!

  • All artwork is non-commercially priced and should only be used for noncommercial purposes.

  • I am willing to do commercial work but prices will be modified based on the commission's requirements.

  • I will only start working on a commission after I receive the full or partial payment.

  • I reserve the right to decline any commission.

  • Commissions are fully refundable until I start the commission. After that, it is partially refundable until it is finished.

  • Don't send a payment before communicating with me (unless it is a kofi donation).

  • I reserve the right to any artwork I post.

  • Please credit @glassgoblin on twitter when posting the commission elsewhere.